Darius J Wright.


Seeker | Practitioner | Teacher | philosopher

Darius has been ‘awake’ to the nature of reality since he was a small child. Growing up seeing, feeling, knowing and experiencing things others around him didn’t was at times frustrating. Darius learned to channel his frustration into his physical body. Darius found that working with and through the physical body allowed him to ground, calm, centre and channel his energy, intentions and manifestations.

Over the years he studied and practiced a variety of disciplines including Body Building, Boxing, Weight Lifting, Yoga and Martial Arts, however his love of the purity of the basics of fundamental, functional movements never wavered and he always returned to it.

Along side his physical development and training he continued to explore and challenge himself in the metaphysical realm.

At the young age of just 16 Darius was taken during sleep outside this construct by a being who identified themselves as Celeste. Celeste showed him not just his future but the future of this reality and many of us in it.

Darius has had numerous Out of Body experiences over the years and explored various realms and met a variety of beings who have, at times, shared insight and information.

Darius has also spent many years studying natural health solutions to achieve optimum performance physically, mentally and spiritually.

Darius begun his public presence teaching and sharing what he had mastered in the physical art. His video ‘How to Press to Handstand’ reached over a million views on YouTube before he took it down, deciding he didn’t want to be the ‘handstand guy’.

Darius went on to hold workshops, sell Physical Training Programs and do public speaking engagements on the nature of reality and metaphysics.

The launch of this website marks a turning point in Darius’s life, one where he has decided to bring all his knowledge, experience and expertise into a cohesive whole that represents who he truly is.

” How you train the body is how you train the mind” – Darius J Wright.