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 Access The Unseen Realms Through The Out Of Body State

This is for those seeking concrete, straight-to-the-point actionable steps

Welcome to The AYDA Method, a unique approach to experiencing the out-of-body state. As someone who has been able to leave my physical body and access the other side since childhood, I can tell you that when you access this space, you have the freedom to explore the unseen realms and access all things.

Through my direct experiences, I have developed a step-by-step method for accessing these unseen realms and awakening dormant abilities that we all possess. This includes a three-stage process for achieving an OBE, which allows you to leave your body at will and explore the true nature of reality beyond the physical realm.

With the AYDA Method, you will gain insight into the constructs, realms, and dimensional spaces that exist beyond our physical reality, as well as how to access them. You will also learn about the records of all things and how to view events happening all at once stepping outside of time, as well as gaining the ability to access other people’s thoughts in the OBE state.

To help you achieve this ability, I will provide you with practical tips and tools for mastering the three-stage method and accessing the many realms available to you once you leave your physical body.

This process is not for the faint of heart, but it has the potential to be one of the biggest self-discovery and spiritual awakening experiences of your life. By stepping through the gateway to the true universe and exploring the other side for yourself, you’ll discover an entirely new level of personal growth and understanding of who you are, what this place is, and what it’s all about. Unlike a near-death experience, an OBE can be safely controlled and experienced. I’ve created The AYDA Method to provide you with everything you need to leave your body and experience the other side yourself without having to wait until you cross over. We all have the right to access it by commanding and demanding it to be so.

I share information on a variety of topics, including health &  You’ll find a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to leaving the body through the AYDA METHOD.

What I’ve been told on the other side is, “what they call the great work, which is waking people up to the other side. As when they wake up to the internal aspect of who they are, they wake up to everything.” This is the reason I started teaching the out of body state — it’s the best way to wake people up to the other side, having them see it for themselves and being fully empowered in the knowing of all things.

What’s Inside The

The AYDA Method Structure

All individual Workshops include my own personal experiences, what I have seen and learned from the other side, providing raw unfiltered information to help shift your perception of reality. As an abstract thinker or far-seeing ponderer, you’ll also find content that challenges your understanding of the multi-dimensional spaces, realms & the world you live in.

Workshop details:

OBE Workshop:
Full length overview

From Darius J Wright | Workshop 1 | Duration: 2:30:00

This Workshop is an overview of the ‘How to’. Learn the 3 stages to access the other side through an OBE.  

Also a visually beautiful presentation on the Nature of Reality, breaking down the construct, realms,  and dimensional spaces, records, time and thoughts

With an Open Q and A which you can hear other people 

Workshop details:
OBE Workshop:
3 Stages to have an OBE

From Darius J Wright | Workshop 2 | Duration: 1:30:00

This OBE (Out-of-Body Experience) Workshop presentation is a deeper, more detailed break down of the 3 stages of leaving your body, understanding sleep paralysis and how that is the gateway to accessing the unseen realms beyond the physical. You will also understand the connection between OBE and NDE (Near-Death Experience), discover practical things you can do while out of body, and understand the importance of health for OBEs. 

Includes:  Valuable resources and tools to assist you in leaving the body, binary beats playlist, Q&A section.

Workshop details:
OBE Workshop:
Nature of Reality
From Darius J Wright | Workshop 3 | Duration: 35:00

This workshop on the Nature of Reality will explore constructs, realms, and dimensional spaces and the very realm you live within.

Workshop details:
OBE Workshop:
Accessing Thoughts and Time
From Darius J Wright | Workshop 4 | Duration: 1:45:00

This OBE Workshop explores thoughts and time in the out-of-body state. It consists of three parts and an open Q&A session, lasting over an hour. Part 1 delves into thought dimensions and understanding them in the out-of-body state. Part 2 focuses on time, timelines, and their dimensional spaces in the out-of-body state. Part 3 emphasizes the connection between thoughts and time. The workshop also sheds light on understanding these spaces in the dream state, providing clarity to those unaware of their abilities. 


Workshop details:
OBE Workshop:
Accessing The Records

From Darius J Wright | Workshop 5 | Duration: 1:40:00

This workshop covers the records: what they are, the places I’ve been to, and what I’ve accessed. Discover the Halls of Amenti, Cathedral Records, Universal Records, and the Soul’s Records. 

Workshop details:
Nature of Reality Workshop:
Discovering the Hidden Truths of Our Reality
From Darius J Wright | Workshop 6 | Duration: 4:15:00

This workshop provides insights into the nature of our reality, offering a deeper understanding of our world:

Topics Covered:

  • Deconstructing the reality we exist within.
  • Soul memory retrieval and accessing the multidimensional field.
  • Navigating multidimensional timelines to grasp our reality.

In this event, we delve into the nature of our reality, current world events, and how to navigate it effectively.

Workshop details:
OBE Workshop:
Advanced OBE Training

From Darius J Wright | Workshop 7 | Duration: 2 hours and 35 minutes

This workshop is for individuals already familiar with the AYDA Method, aiming to intensify their out-of-body training. The practice disrupts your sleep cycle and requires complete darkness, with four attempts spanning an entire day and night to maximize your chances of success. Plus, the workshop includes a Q&A replay section for further guidance and insights.


Prep with 4-7-8 breathing.
Body Shutdown using binaural beats and sensory isolation.
Sleep Paralysis with awareness of sensations.
Leaving the Body with specific techniques.

Additionally, learn how to exit the body and overcome potential challenges during the process.

When you join the AYDA Method, you’ll also get access to our Private community group. It’s a place where you can connect with others, share your progress, and engage in discussions.

Success stories

Nomad was able to leave his body in 2 days by following the AYDA Method

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Q: Is it safe to leave my physical body and access the other side?

A: It is a complex question because safety can depend on several factors. Through my personal experiences, I have learned that leaving your physical body and accessing the other side can be a safe and transformative experience if approached with the right mindset and preparation. As with any powerful experience, it is important to take it seriously and not approach it as a game. It is crucial to overcome the fear of death and embrace the experience with openness and curiosity. That’s why I offer guidance and techniques to help you prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for the journey beyond the physical realm.

Q: Will I be able to access the other side right away?

A: It depends on the individual. Some people may be able to access the other side immediately, while others may take some time and practice to develop their abilities. It is important to be patient and trust the process.


Q: Can anyone access the other side?

A: Yes, we all have the ability to access the other side. It is a natural ability that we all possess but may have been dormant or forgotten. With the right techniques and guidance, anyone can awaken their abilities and access the other side.


Q: Will I remember my experience on the other side?

A: Yes, you will remember your experience. In fact, the experience is more vivid and real than your physical life. It is important to keep a journal to record your experiences and insights gained from them.


Q: Is this a religious or spiritual teaching?

A: The Out of Body Experience is a spiritual teaching. It is not tied to any specific religion or belief system but rather focuses on accessing the unseen realms beyond the physical and awakening your innate abilities.