Personalized Mentorship:
Awakening Your Dormant Abilities Through the Out-of-Body State.

Welcome to my personalized mentorship program, where we focus on awakening your dormant abilities through the out-of-body state. With my guidance and support, you can develop both physically and spiritually and access the unseen realms that exist beyond our physical reality.

We will explore either physical/health principles or techniques for awakening your dormant abilities. I will share my expertise with you and provide personalized recommendations and techniques to improve your abilities overall.

My mentor program is based on The AYDA Method, an approach to experiencing the out-of-body state. As someone who has been able to leave my physical body and access the other side since childhood, I can assure you that accessing this space allows you to explore the unseen realms and access all things.

My mentor program will help you gain insight into the constructs, realms, and dimensional spaces that exist beyond our physical realm, as well as how to access them. I will provide you with practical tips and tools that can be applied to your situation.

This is not for the faint of heart, but it has the potential to be one of the biggest self-discovery and spiritual awakening experiences of your life. If you are someone who is experiencing things you don’t yet fully understand, this is where I can also provide you with information and clarity on what you are experiencing, and most importantly, how to control and awaken your gifts and stop living in the shadows of unknowing. We all have the right to access it by commanding and demanding it to be so.

Many people are basing their reality through their limited perceptual view.


Imagine that you’re standing in a room with a small window. You’ve spent your entire life trying to make that window bigger so you can see more of the world outside. However, you’ve reached a point where you believe that the window cannot be enlarged any further. But then someone comes along and tells you that there are other ways to see the world beyond that window, ways you never thought possible. Yet, you’re hesitant to accept this possibility and continue to believe that the window is the only way to see the world.



  1. Consultation – 90 minutes:
    Perfect for addressing specific issues and seeking immediate guidance.

If you’re seeking ongoing support, I offer the following Short, Mid & Long term mentorship options:

  1. Mentorship Short Term: 4 weeks of personalized mentoring:
    Tailored guidance and support.

  2. Mentorship Mid Term: 8 weeks of personalized mentoring:
    Dive deeper with extended support.

  3. Mentorship Long Term: 12 weeks of personalized mentoring:
    Experience comprehensive guidance and assistance over an extended period.

All mentorship programs provide access to the AYDA Method.

Through these mentorship programs, you’ll receive one-on-one support in both Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) training and overall health and wellbeing. I will work closely with you to address your specific needs.


Please provide any background information you feel will be useful.
I want to be sure I can help you before you pay.

Note: Not all requests for a mentorship are accepted but are at my discretion.

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