Mentorship enrollments are now open for AYDA Method users


 The Mentorship Program is exclusively tailored for individuals enrolled in the AYDA Method who are seeking advanced group training for the out-of-body state. This program is conducted in a one on one and or  group coaching environment, limited to 12 participants per term.

Mentorship Process (4 Weeks):

  1. Message: Answer all questions in the below.
  2. Enroll: Upon evaluation, if deemed suitable, you’ll receive an invitation to join the 4-week program.
  3. Weekly Calls: Engage in weekly calls focused on achieving the out-of-body (OBE) state.

Note: Joining the AYDA Method does not automatically grant access to mentorship. The mentorship program and the individuals darius  will work with are self-selected.


Mentorship Application:


By booking a call you accept & agree to my Terms & Conditions which can be read here: