Mentorship enrollments are now open for AYDA Method students


Welcome to the Mentorship Program:

The Mentorship Program is exclusively tailored for individuals enrolled in the AYDA Method who are seeking advanced group training for the out-of-body state. This program is conducted in a group coaching environment, limited to 12 participants per term.

Please note that this program is not suitable for beginners. It is specifically designed for those who have already achieved some level of success with the AYDA Method and have developed proficiency in of out-of-body state. If you are a beginner, practice the AYDA Method material, and applying for the mentorship program once you’ve advanced your abilities.

Mentorship Process (4 Weeks):

  1. Message: Answer all questions in the application.
  2. Enroll: Upon evaluation, if deemed suitable, you’ll receive an invitation to join the 4-week program.
  3. Weekly Calls: Engage in weekly calls focused on achieving the out-of-body (OBE) state.

Please be aware that this journey is not for the faint of heart, but it holds the potential to be one of the most profound self-discovery and spiritual awakening experiences of your life.

Learn more about the AYDA Method:

Note: Joining the AYDA Method does not automatically grant access to mentorship. The mentorship program and the individuals Darius will work with are self-selected.