Darius J. Wright’s Mission


My mission is to empower the realm’s consciousness to awaken to their eternal soul and remember who they are and where they come from. By doing The Great Work – awakening people to the other side by unlocking their dormant abilities through the out-of-body state. Thank you for your gifts, contributions and support.
– Darius J. Wright – An Embodied Soul

Driven by passion and dedication, I pursue this mission with commitment to awaken humanity to who they are. 

You have been away far too long and have forgotten your home. This is why you fear. The Great Work of awakening people to the other side is an essential endeavor, described on the other side as the most crucial task.

Many souls here are walking blind to who they are and where they come from. You cannot force them to awaken; doing so would only cause more pain and suffering if the soul is not ready or willing to hear. It’s akin to explaining the color blue to a blind person—they will see again once they cleanse their eyes from the river of creation, standing for the second time and being reborn once more.

Everything is based on will and language, the power of the spoken word. They manipulate the ignorance of souls here due to their deep slumber, using their soul’s energy and power to create the reality they wish for their own benefit, not yours.

To those who thrive on ignorance, they shall find themselves consumed by it.

To those who harbor hate and harm towards another, they shall reap its bitter fruits.

To those who steal, they shall face the loss of their ill-gotten gains.

For those paralyzed by fear, they can find the courage to defy its shackles.

And to those who embrace love, they shall once more inherit the flames of creation.

Never lay down your armor against this new age agenda, for it seeks to weaken the very power that resides within you. No one is here to safeguard you; you must take the courageous stride to unlock the kingdoms that this construct holds for you.

Waking up to the other side is not just love and light; it’s part of the spiritual warfare to prevent you, as a soul, from standing, INSTEAD it’s to make you stand  down and submitting to the new age propaganda. If you doubt that your soul has emotion, power, and a will to fight for what it believes in with the highest energy of love, then you have forgotten your true power within. Love is a weapon as much as it is creation.

They even do this by trying to get you to let go of your EGO, and what a wrong thing that is to do. If you, for any second, believe that who you are right now—the thoughts and emotions you feel—changes once you leave the body and cross over, you are wrong. All comes with you; what does change, however, is you get added to by your experiences. Remember once again why you do things you do, think the way you think, due to the many experiences your soul has had. Replace the word EGO with the soul’s experiences, which constitute the reason for the soul expressing itself the way it does based on those experiences. Now, THEY would want you to get rid of your EGO for the reason being it would be no different than wiping your soul’s memory, turning you into a child to be controlled and weakened to their soul’s will and desire—NOT Yours.

People now think that being awake is an overly passive, submissive  state, which is a complete disgrace to the other side and what you truly are—an unlimited authority in creation, just like every other soul in all of creation.

What is the number one way to control the soul? Fear. Once you instill fear within a soul, you have control over its expression and its desires. Another way to control a soul is through passive submission to false love and light. Instead of understanding that love equals courage and power, you would begin to remove your armor to submit yourself to another soul’s will.

This is why you will hear me state I don’t work for the light nor do I work for the dark as you will find that both have judgment on one another, and at its core you will find they are actual no different. Instead, what I work for is The Great Work, awakening souls to stand and see again, truly empowered and in their highest authority on the other side and within the earthly realm.

Waking up to the other side and doing The Great Work entails awakening to everything, including the aspects many prefer not to see. When you see the truth for what it is—the core truth that will never change regardless of your perceptions and beliefs—you truly awaken to everything once again.

You cannot have unconditional love with judgment, just as you can’t have ultimate expression of freedom with a limitation.

Anything based in fear, walk away from. Anything based in the true power of love, walk towards. Release yourself from the programs and self-enslaved prison you have constructed due to consuming fear.

There is nothing to fear in love. There is no loneliness in love. There is no judgment. There is no punishment. There is only love and gratitude.

The unforgivable sin is the sin you cannot forgive yourself for, as you are the judge of yourself.

Do not bankrupt your soul, nor allow yourself to bankrupt the template of the physical body you use.

Many will claim to possess knowledge when they truly know not.
Many will assert they have glimpsed the other side when they have not.
Trust your inner compass, for all truth resides within it.

Awaken Your Dormant Abilities

My Belifts

The soul is eternal and not contained nor restricted to the physical body.

Reality as we experience it is a created construct, intelligently designed.

This creation is structured into 12 dimensional spaces, with one of these realms being the earthly realm we are within now.

The physical bodies are perfectly created based on this construct design. Understanding this design and creation allows for awakening dormant abilities.

05. HOME:
Our soul resides outside of this construct and realms, in what we call home, a place we have all come from and always return to.

We are in the process of awakening, remembering who we really are, where we are, and why we are here. Time is always of the essence.

Heaven is a real place and can be accessed by each soul.

The great work is a culmination of all these core beliefs, resulting in awakening to the other side. When you awaken to the eternal aspect of who and what you really are, you awaken to everything.

Things seen by Darius J. Wright on the other side.