Techniques for awakening, your dormant, spiritual and energetic abilities

The Out Of Body Experience

The 3 Stages To An OBE
By: Darius J Wright

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Welcome to The Out of Body Experience, where I share with you the method I have personally used to access the unseen realms beyond the physical and awaken dormant abilities that we all possess.
This is not your average (OBE) teaching, but rather a unique opportunity for true spiritual awakening & remember of who you really are, that has the power to change your life forever.
As someone who has experienced leaving my physical body and accessing the other side, I can attest to the realness and density of that realm. When I am out of my body, it feels more physical and more real than our physical world. It is a realm where there are no limitations, and you have the freedom to explore and do anything you desire.
Through this information, I will teach you the techniques that I have personally used to access the other side fully conscious and aware. I will also share with you the information and knowledge I have gained through my interactions with other beings on the other side.
It is important to note that this is not for the faint of heart. Many people confuse what I teach with the online hype about out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. However, what I offer is far beyond that, it is a transformative experience that can be compared to a near-death experience.

I will also help you in overcoming the fear of death, which is one of the biggest programs and beliefs that prevent people from accessing the other side & all of the records, memories & dimensional spaces.

I am not here to sell you fluff or false promises. This is based on my personal experience and knowledge of accessing the other side. I invite you to take this step into access the many realms that are all available to you once you take the soul out of the body. This will be one of biggest self-discovery and spiritual awakening, where The Out of Body Experience is a gateway to a new realm of possibilities.

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This is for those that want to learn the fundamental principles to physical training & health


Physical Training Method
By: Darius J Wright

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Fundamentals: Achieving Optimal Health and Self-Mastery Through High-Intensity Training
As the creator of Fundamentals, I can personally attest to the results you can achieve with this high-intensity training, which is a time-efficient approach to physical health.
There’s a common misconception out there that you need to spend multiple days per week in the gym, doing sessions that last longer than an hour, in order to see any real progress. But the truth is, this is not only nonsense, it’s actually wasting your precious time and creating unnecessary wear and tear on your body.
In fact, 99% of what you see in the health and fitness space related to physical training is pure BS. You don’t need to spend countless hours working out or buying expensive equipment to achieve your fitness goals. All you need is a single set taken to failure, and I’m going to show you how to do it in the most effective way possible, but the benefits of Fundamentals goes far beyond just physical fitness. As I always say, “How you train the body is how you train the mind.” This method of training is designed to develop discipline and mental focus, which are essential to personal and spiritual growth.
Through this training, you’ll not only build physical strength but also gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your own potential. You’ll learn the few principles of self-mastery and the many methods to get there, all while pushing past your limits and achieving levels of strength and resilience you never thought possible.
It’s no secret that there is something wrong with the health industry. Many professionals focus solely on eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, while completely disregarding the importance of proper exercise. Instead they suggest you do yoga or other trendy workouts which IS NOT EXERCISE, these recommendations are completely ineffective ways of training when it comes to stimulating all of the general trainable factors and hormone regulation, which are essential for one health.
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