Testimonials with the AYDA Method: Showcasing OBE Success and Results

Stefano’s Testimonials 

The profound change in Stefano after working with Darius’s method for only 3 months is evident in these testimonials. After 65 years of feelings of fear and inadequacy due to sleep paralysis and terrifying experiences, he is now fearless, empowered and joyful

Part 1 before

Part 2 After

Joyce’s Testimonial
Joyce shares her success achieving the out-of-body state, accessing realms and beyond the physical construct, and witnessing the myriad constructs on the other side.
David’s Testimonial
The other side can be accessed at will, right here, right now.

David confirms Darius J. Wright’s teachings that an OBE is a controlled NDE. What is experienced through an NDE can be experienced at will through a controlled OBE. Many people are unaware of this.

Daina’s Testimonials 

Watch Daina’s success as she utilizes the method to interact with her deceased partner.

Part 1

Part 2

Isabella’s Testimonial

The out-of-body state once achieved will alter your state of mind to the understanding of who you are.

Instilling a deep knwoing that death is not real, while affirming that the other side is and has always been your true home.

Isabella’s skepticism faded only after she experienced it firsthand. Seeing is believing, Then comes knowing and remembering.

Nomad’s Testimonial

Nomad was able to leave his body in 2 days by following the AYDA Method. viewing his physical body on the bed

Jo’s Testimonial

Jo was able to leave her body in few days using the Method.

Ian’s Testimonial

Watch Ian’s success using the method. He was able to leave his Body and access time, seeing a future event before it happened

Part 1

Part 2

Olga & Dylan’s Testimonial

Watch mother and sun using the method, achieving the out of body state

James Testimonial

James achieves the out of body state and get ride of his fear, from a religious background to now understanding the true state of the soul and who he is

Nathan’s Testimonial

Nathan achieves the out of body state & remembers his name on the other side.

Amber’s Testimonial
Amber shares her success achieving the out-of-body state (OBE) using Darius J. Wright’s AYDA Method. She discusses leaving her body and encountering recognizable beings during her experience.
Hector’s Testimonial
Hector shares his experience using the AYDA Method by Darius J. Wright for 2 months Achieving the Out-of-Body state, one involving flying and the other involving exiting his dimensional space.
Tanit’s Testimonial

Tanit shares her success in achieving the out-of-body state within one week of trying Darius J. Wright’s AYDA Method. She had experiences with the out-of-body state when she was younger but has now learned how to control it at will.

Tony’s Testimonial

Tony shares his success in achieving the out-of-body state. He explains the sensation of coming out of the body and what it felt like. He will also share other experiences he has had with contact and remembering of the other side.

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