Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

    • 1. Ownership and Use of Offerings:
      All content, including but not limited to written materials, videos, audio recordings, and digital downloads, featured on dariusjwright.com, including the AYDA Method course, is the exclusive property of Darius J. Wright. Users are granted a limited, non-transferable right to view or use the content for private personal purposes only. No individual or entity shall acquire any ownership rights, title, or interest in the content through their use of the website or participation in the course. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of the content without explicit written consent from Darius J. Wright is strictly prohibited


    • 2. Health Disclaimer:
      Darius J. Wright is not a certified health practitioner. Any information shared on this site, including but not limited to health tips, recommendations, and personal experiences, is provided for informational purposes only. Individuals use this information at their own discretion and assume all responsibility for any consequences that may result.


    • 3. Contribution Policy :
      Refund Policy / Contribution Policy – Contributions or gifts made on dariusjwright.com are non-refundable. All Offerings are digital information and immediately available upon contribution. Please only contribute if you understand and accept these
      terms and conditions.


    • 4. Coaching and Events:
      Coaching services provided through dariusjwright.com are non-refundable. However, if you need to reschedule a coaching session, please contact us to arrange a new appointment.


    • 5. Modification Information:
      Events such as workshops and webinars are available for replay within designated areas of the site. We reserve the right to remove workshops/webinars and modify the availability of materials  at our discretion.


    • 6. Privacy and Copyright Notice:
      We strictly prohibit the sharing, recording, including screen capturing, of any content provided on this platform, including but not limited to videos, PDFs, images, animations, and written materials, by any individual or entity, including our guests. All such content is confidential, proprietary, and protected by copyright laws. Furthermore, any unauthorized sharing of information from this site is strictly forbidden, as it is protected by copyright laws and constitutes the intellectual property of Darius J. Wright. Violation of these terms will result in immediate legal action and the termination of your account without any refund. Any unauthorized copying, sharing, or usage of this content without explicit written consent from Darius J. Wright will result in legal action. By accessing and using this platform, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. All content on this platform is the intellectual property of Darius J. Wright and is protected by copyright laws. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of any content, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. This content is intended for viewing exclusively on designated platforms chosen by Darius J. Wright. Copyrighted – All Rights Reserved.


    • 7. Additional Statement / Account Access Terms  :
      Please note that all contributions made on dariusjwright.com are one-off contributions for a fixed term. Once a contribution is made, access to the associated content or services is granted for the specified term and cannot be transferred or extended beyond this period. The account term is stated on to you on the registration forum for a 1 year term


    • 8. Mission and Cause Contribution Acknowledgment:
      Please note that all contributions made on dariusjwright.com are dedicated to furthering the mission of the great work and supporting the cause. As a token of appreciation for your contribution, you will receive a thank you gift, such as access to exclusive content or resources, in recognition of your support.


  • 9. Agreement to Terms:
    By accessing and using this site, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


  • 11. Privacy Policy: I only collect the basic information that is required of me when you make a purchase on this site, like your name and email address. I never share or sell your information to any third parties, the use of software on this website is bear bones as I don’t trust  big tech or soical media companies, so I keep everything super simple and clean through and through.

If these terms are violated, your account will be terminated with no refund. Additionally, if we find that any of our users are misusing our information, copying and involved in double contribution scams  appropriate action will be taken as stated above.

 I hope you enjoy my very simple 30sec read, terms & conditions page :]