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I invite you to explore a series of workshops with me that focus on enhancing your general health and unlocking your dormant abilities through out-of-body state. These workshops are designed to help you take actionable steps towards accomplishing that.

In these small work group sessions, you'll have the opportunity to share your experiences, ask questions, and learn from others who share similar aspirations.

Through attending these workshops, you'll gain valuable knowledge and skills while expanding your understanding of the world around you & the unseen realms we all have access to.

OBE Workshop: Accessing Time and Thoughts (June 7th, 2023)

Workshop Inviation:

Accessing the Time Dimension and Others' Thoughts in the Out of Body State: OBE. This workshop will cover how I have accessed outside of time, as well as how I have viewed and accessed other people's thoughts and their fields through the out-of-body state. This is a combination of OBEs I had from March 31st, 2023 to April 17th, 2023, and the insights and information I have gained.

Topics Covered

  • Accessing Out of Time in the OBE
  • Viewing Others' Thoughts in the OBE
  • Insights Gained Through the OBE from March 31st to April 17th, 2023
  • Learn about the unseen realms beyond the physical
  • Discover how to awaken dormant abilities through the OBE state
  • Get a Chance to Share Your Experiences and Ask Questions in an Open Q&A.
  • Ask Questions About Any Obstacles You May Be Facing
  • 1-hour / 90-minute workshop

Online Event: Using Zoom

Workshop Date/Time:

  • Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 at 9am AEST (Sydney, Australia)
  • Time Conversion for New York, USA: Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 at 7pm EDT (New York, USA)

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$23.00 for Members  

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May 3rd - Wed, 2023 |Beyond the Physical: A Workshop on the OBE Method

In this workshop, we will delve deeper into the (OBE) “Out Of Body Experience” Method 

  • Join me for an online workshop on ‘Out of Body Experience’
  • Learn about the unseen realms beyond the physical
  • Discover how to awaken dormant abilities through the OBE state
  • Overcome your fear of death and unlock new knowledge.
  • Get a chance to share your experiences and ask questions about any obstacles you may be facing
  • 1-hour workshop
  • Wed 3rd of May 2023 – 9am AEST –  Australia NSW Sydney time
  • May 2nd 7pm EST/EDT for people in the USA/ New York


April 1st - Sat, 2023 |Online Paid Event


‘The Nature Of Reality’

Sat 1st of April 2023 – 10am to 3pm

Online Event: Using Zoom